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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Novella Review: The Queen's Army by Marissa Meyer

 The Queen's Army
(The Lunar Chronicles #1.5)
by Marissa Meyer
Format: Ebook (18 Pages)
Published: November 23rd 2012 by
Source: Click here to read for free now
GoodReads Page

It is time. The boy must leave his family to serve in the Queen's army. To be chosen is an honor. To decline is impossible. The boy is modified. He is trained for several years, and learns to fight to the death. He proves to the Queen—and to himself—that he is capable of evil. He is just the kind of soldier the Queen wants: the alpha of his pack.

(Although I got to read this for free my review is still 100% honest)

Wow this story was pretty crazy. It also introduces you to a new character who is going to be in Scarlet as well. Its about Ze'ev who got enlisted into Queen Levana'a army. The plans that she has for this army is pretty crazy. I was rather surprised by this, but it also makes since for what the benefits of mixing a wolf and human would mean. This story diffidently make you want to run off and go read Scarlet if you didn't already feel that way after finishing Cinder. I would have to say that this is a must read after Cinder to give you look into what is going to happen in Scarlet.

I gave this 5 out of 5 bats.

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