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Review Policy

My Review Policy

If you are a publisher/author/other and would like me to review your book, please read my Review Policy!

I normally read Young Adult  books of all genres along with some Adult Fiction.

Books I will accept for review:
(Physical Books or Kindle Books)
Young Adult Fiction (all genres)
 Adult Fiction (Fantasy, Horror,Paranormal)
Graphic Novels (All genres)
 Memoirs (depends)

Books I won't accept for review:
Non-Fiction Books
Religious Books
Erotic Novels

 I prefer reading series in order, so I ask that if you are requesting a book in a series that you include all of the preceding installments.

 My reviews are 100% honest, if I don't enjoy a book then I will clearly state that in my review. If you require the book to be read by a certain date, please notify me of this during the initial ask.When accepting and reviewing a review book, I will always mention where I received the book from.

 I post my reviews on this blog as well as goodreads and depending amazon.

  If you are interested in sending my a copy of your book, contact me at :

If I am interested in reviewing your book, you should receive an e-mail from me ASAP.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review policy!

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