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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review: Cassandra in the Mirror by Piera Sarasini

 Cassandra in the Mirror 
by Piera Sarasini
Edition: Ebook (340 Pages)
Published: May 1st 2012 by Completely Novel
Source: Received for Review 
GoodReads Page

An unusual fairytale about love and consciousness, "Cassandra in the Mirror" is narrated in the quirky and poetic voice of Cassandra Morgante, who is part human and part stellar. She was born to fulfil a prophecy and help the evolution of humankind into a race of immortal angels. The story follows nineteen years of her life, from her student days in Edinburgh to adulthood in modern-day Ireland. The years of her childhood, characterised by solitude and loss, are introduced peripherally. As a child, she was aloof and spent most of her time reading books and observing the world. Lord and Lady Hughes adopted her when she was eight, after her father abandoned her mother who later committed suicide. In the face of adversity, Cassandra remains aware of her true origin and the mission she must fulfil. Her powers begin to manifest when she is in her twenties, much to the very human dismay of her ego. When her path crosses that of Oscar O'Leary, a spiritual artist and secret initiate into the mysteries of the Earth, her true adventure starts and a new humanity becomes possible. The Ascended Masters are Cassandra's powerful allies in her transformation into an eternal being. They live in the ethereal city of Shambhala and co-narrate her story. They know that she was chosen to introduce immortality to humankind. But many are sworn to stop this from happening. Mr Harker and the pharmaceutical giant Three-D are her main enemies. When her powers are almost fully fledged, Oscar falls prey to the Dark Side and deserts her. Cassandra becomes vulnerable to attacks from her opponents. The Masters' Plan to turn the Earth into the Garden of Eden is in peril. Ultimately, only Oscar can help Cassandra achieve her mission. Will he?

 (Although I received this for review my Review is still 100% honest.)

I honestly really tried with this book. I read it all which I think I deserve a pat on the back for. Before I get into the negatives lets start with the positives. I thought this book had a super good concept. Its about angels being more of "spirits" who want to turn the human race into their own angel beings. A perfect race that can heal fast and basically be invincible.

 Its up to one girl to make this happen. Cassandra, she is human but also "angel", well more of an angel in a humans body. The story goes through her life start with when she was a little kid. I liked Cassandra and how down to earth she was.

I thought that this book was really well written. It had tons of descriptive language that really helped you understand ether Cassandra surroundings or her feelings. A lot of metaphors were used as well, I do mean a lot! Which I was kind of glad about during certain scenes within this book.

Now on to what I had problems with. First off I was very confused at the beginning of this book. Mostly because of the way the author decided to write this book. It flips from first person to narrator to Cassandra talking to Oscar but, he isn't there to her diary. Most of the time I hard time understanding what was going on and had to reread a lot of sections.

Second the way certain paragraphs were phrased or even written I had a hard time with. A lot of it didn't make any sense to me with what was happening or being described sometimes. I really did have a rough time with this book.

This was not an easy read, I would say that probably some people would really enjoy it while others won't. It is very poetic but also very confusing. I really tried to like this book but there is only so much you handle with just one book. If you think you can handle this book and then I would say to give it a shot but you might not like it there is no guarantees.

I gave this book 1 bats out of 5.

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