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Monday, February 17, 2014

Arc Review: Alabaster: Pale Horse by Caitlin R Kiernan

Alabaster: Pale Horse
(Dancy Flammarion)
by Caitlin R Kiernan
Format: Ebook (192 Pages)
Expected publication: February 25th 2014 by Dark Horse
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 An albino girl wanders the sun-scorched back roads of a south Georgia summer, following the bidding of an angel or perhaps only voices in her head, searching out and slaying ancient monsters who have hidden themselves away in the lonely places of the world. Caitlin R. Kiernan first introduced Dancy Flammarion in the pages of her award-winning second novel, Threshold (2001), then went on to write several more short stories and a novella about this unlikely heroine, each a piece of what has become an epic dark fantasy narrative. Featuring illustrations by Ted Naifeh, Alabaster: Pale Horse reprints all these tales from the original hardcover collection and adds one more, "Highway 97."

(Although I received this for review my review is still 100% honest.)

This was my first Dancy  read.This book is compiled of six short stories all about Dancy's adventures she had to go through. All of these stories make up her one adventure.  I found it really interesting that as I kept reading you were reading the main story backwards. The first story was her ending and the last one was her beginning. I really enjoyed this concept behind this book because it makes you want to keep reading to find out what happened in Dancy's past.

Dancy is of course the main character in all of these horrific stories. She is an albino girl who can see and talk to an angel. I would say the angel looks more like a demon though. She listens to her angel who tells her were to go to find and kill different monsters. I found her to be a pretty serious character but she does have a lot of smart comebacks. She also doesn't put up with a lot and she'd have to be pretty brave hunting down all those monsters.

Dancy doesn't want to follow around her angels commands much longer. She states it several times within her different stories. I just think that she really couldn't do anything different though. She has no family to return to and besides has monsters coming after for what she does within the stories now. Her angel doesn't tell her very much details of her next mission. Half the time she doesn't even know that she'd be one till the last minute. Which I could understand would get rather annoying.

I found the writing for this book to be very good. It was extremely detailed, so that you wouldn't have any problems picturing what was going on in the stories. I actually like that these were short stories instead of one full book simply because that made reading it a lot faster. I really enjoyed all of Dancy's adventures and would like to read more by this author sometime soon. Oh there is also a few pictures within the book that I found to helpful with picturing what was being described as well. Of course if your not new to Darkhorse's books then this wouldn't surprise you. I would say I'd recommend this book for 18 and up since it is very dark and rather messed up with some sections of it. If you think that this book would interest you I'd diffidently recommend giving it a shot.

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 bats. (No bats were harmed in the rating of this book.)

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